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Latest news:

Abbit merges with PFL

On March 31st Abbit Meeting Innovators became part of a bigger entity; the PFL group. 
A larger management team, brand new infrastructure, expertise in video-production, total event concept, web-streaming and much more means Abbit is now, more than ever, the number one innovative force in meeting and conference support.

In 2018, PFL became the new home for the Abbit team and merging the technical and logistical components will make Abbit meeting innovators and Abbit Multi-Hub meetings even more competitive.         

INNOVATE: Multi-Hub Meetings

An emerging meeting format


INNOVATE: Dynamite for Q&A :

 Now SIX flying microphones available

WOW! Remote speaker on wheels

NEW: Your Robot Speaker on stage 

We did it again:

'The best contrast and
detail ever for our participants'
user group organizer
medical imaging company

'The Best WiFi ever!'
Connected automotive conference in Germany
American independent planner 

'The most innovative conference ever.'
strategy and consultant advisor Top 5 Agency


Robot participant interview

ABBIT Corporate Video


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When people meet other people they can change the world, or start a little project. But how do I get my participants, my guests to mingle more? What people tend to do is to go to people they already know and stand with the same group all night long.
 Hybrid meetings are a hype or is it really something that is changing the way meeting’s get organised? In a Hybrid meeting organizers combine a real, face to face meeting with remote participants and or remote speakers, using technology and facilitation to connect the different locations. As soon as you get in a single speaker via Skype, your meeting has become hybrid.
 Abbit Meeting Support is Europe’s favourite AV and Staging supplier for North American, meeting planners. In-house equipment, technology and many services allow for a true one stop shop, also for Hybrid meetings, webcasting, etc. Our team supplies AV, ICT, set building, printing, presentation support, etc.
A short video (6 min) introducing the concept of Hybrid Meetings: 
Abbit meeting support has more balls than you may need...
Have a look at these pictures and you will understand what we mean.

These balls come in different colors and sizes. They can be used inside and outside.