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Abbit merges with PFL

On March 31st Abbit Meeting Innovators became part of a bigger entity; the PFL group. 
A larger management team, brand new infrastructure, expertise in video-production, total event concept, web-streaming and much more means Abbit is now, more than ever, the number one innovative force in meeting and conference support.

In 2018, PFL became the new home for the Abbit team and merging the technical and logistical components will make Abbit meeting innovators and Abbit Multi-Hub meetings even more competitive.         

INNOVATE: Multi-Hub Meetings

An emerging meeting format


INNOVATE: Dynamite for Q&A :

 Now SIX flying microphones available

WOW! Remote speaker on wheels

NEW: Your Robot Speaker on stage 

We did it again:

'The best contrast and
detail ever for our participants'
user group organizer
medical imaging company

'The Best WiFi ever!'
Connected automotive conference in Germany
American independent planner 

'The most innovative conference ever.'
strategy and consultant advisor Top 5 Agency


Robot participant interview

ABBIT Corporate Video


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Creative Production

systems, concepts, methods, knowledge
EWEA is the European Wind Energy Association that organizes several conferences / exhibitions with up to 10.000 participants.
Deciding how to set up a room is crucial thing! It changes the whole dynamic of a meeting. It should actually be a decision that is part of tour design process. And the design process should be based on a few objectives... I know what a lot of work, can’t we just do this and get it over with
Yes, we can!
 The Project ‘Meeting Architecture 2011’ is the next step toward developing Meeting Architecture as a discipline, a certification program, a profession.
This paper ‘The Meeting Architecture Manifesto’ describes the path towards the knowledge base that will be the basis for the educational elements that will lead to Certification in Meeting Architecture.

Download the paper in the attachment here below.