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At Abbit Meeting Innovators we assist our customers in producing meetings, conferences and events.

With over 36 years of experience, Abbit is a partner you can rely on. 

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Founded by Maarten Vanneste in 1982, Abbit started out as a video production company. Growing from video production to meeting support, Abbit now focuses on much more than merely audio-visual (AV) support and production. We realised our clients needed specialists with the knowledge, tools and techniques to address their meeting objectives. Which is why Abbit Meeting Support became Abbit Meeting Innovators.

So, as well as making sure the AV basics are in good shape and work reliably. We design session formats, optimise your presentations and strive to achieve maximum engagement and interaction during your event. Abbit focuses on what really creates impact with your event: well informed and well-networked participants that go home engaged with your messages and goals. A perfect production with a focus on the outcome and ROI will instantly be more effective.  

Each year, Abbit Meeting Innovators supports around 100 events globally, almost 50% of which are US based clients. In 2018, Abbit became part of a bigger entity; the PFL group. With a larger management team, brand new infrastructure, expertise in video-production  and much more means Abbit is now, more than ever, the number one innovative force in meeting and conference support.





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