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Some feedback from our participants

I just attend the Abbit-IMEX Online education meeting, and I found it very insightful and constructive.

Thank you for a very good webcast yesterday, much appreciated!

It was short and sweet, gave me good ideas and important insights.

Thank you for the interesting Abbit session yesterday!

Noviembre de 2019

A veces, un post espontáneo en los medios sociales - en este caso Linked In - es la mejor publicidad que se puede obtener!

Todo lo que podemos responder desde Abbit es simplemente..:

¡Muchas gracias!


Si todavía tiene preguntas sobre cómo Abbit puede ayudar a su empresa a reducir la huella de carbono, sólo tiene que llamar al +32 14 44 88 33 o enviarnos un correo electrónico a info@abbit.eu

It's in our hands to change the event industry, to make it more sustainable. It's up to you, and you, you, you... It's up to all of us to onboard our/your management team to go virtual/hybrid, way beyond this crisis. Together, I am confident we can create the new event industry standard.

Venues can easily host small and medium size hubs with respect for social distancing and connect these hubs, with the support from a sustainable technology partner, with other hubs globally and if we can work well, we can also live, think and feel well. Let's believe in new and good things coming!

Let's start to reconstruct our economy and let's make sure this reconstruction is sustainable. This means that economy, ecology and the social are considered equally important and interact in a balanced coexistence. Innovative technologies can help us achieve this goal. Hybrid meetings will make their contribution to a sustainable future in Travel & Meetings Management.

Seems like we are moving to a hybrid world, so let’s make sure we don’t get the worst of both worlds, but rather understand how to leverage technology such that we can go ‘beyond being there’!

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