The Abbit  Team 



Paul started with Abbit back in 1987. He’s is as much a Project Manager as he is our CTO, but you can also rely on him as your own personal AV butler.

Thanks to his drive and years of experience, Paul has +30 years of zero failure projects under his belt.


Paul Vanherck

IT & Project Manager

Frank has been working with Abbit since 1999 and from day one he has been the glue that holds our events together.


Frank coordinates everything, from finding the right equipment to getting the best crew member in situ at your event. Even when you start feeling the heat, as logistics manager Frank will be there to (figuratively) wipe the sweat off your brow. 

Frank b&w.jpg

Frank Denies


Rudy started with Abbit in 2005, bringing with him 30 years of experience in theatre, TV and events. 


He is a Project Manager with a creative eye and the ability to change any room into a meeting space.  Meeting support is Rudy’s second nature and he always goes the extra mile for his clients.

Rudy Meul

Sr. Project Manager

Evelien bw.jpg

Evelien Aernaudts

Business Development Manager

Evelien, married and a mum of two, started with Abbit back in 2003. Despite taking a six-year break from the meeting industry, Evelien couldn’t stay away and thankfully realised her passion lies with Abbit.

Meeting design and innovation are her thing. Particularly, Abbit’s most recent innovation: Multi-Hub Meetings. She is a true mother hen when it comes to her clients.

Kristin has been a part of the Abbit team since 2001. She likes to immerse herself completely in analysing figures and keeps a close eye on Abbit’s overall performance.

Kristin ensures everything makes sense financially and legally for our clients, suppliers and the team.

Kristin Van de Vliet

Finance & Administration Manager


Kristin Van de Vliet

Finance & Administration Manager

Filip Geeraerts

Project Manager


I work since 2010 at PFL. Since 2019, I am a project manager within the Abbit team. My roots are in photography and film shooting. I use my passion for the visual aspect in every production. I am at the cradle of the 'Virtual Venue', where the traditional e-meeting gets a new dimension and more possibilities.


Maarten Vanneste

Founder & Consultant

Maarten started Abbit back in 1982 when he was 18. Growing it from an AV company to what it is today, a full-service meeting support company.

With more than 30 years’ experience he is seen as a Meeting Industry leader and visionary. Which is why he still works regularly with Abbit as a Meeting Design consultant. 


Dominic De Gruyter


Dominic  started his carreer as a passionated sound engineer.

As demands for more technical support araised, he decided to rent a warehouse and buy more AV-equipment.


25 years later, he owns several companies and employes more than 40 people.

A natural born entrepreneur...